Roy Taber Ltd (trading as Scandinavia Only and Taber Holidays) is committed to protecting your privacy and we have strict procedures in place for storing and using your personal data.  Our staff have received training regarding our Privacy Policy and the protection of your personal data across all our system, and are actively involved in its implementation and maintenance.

Roy Taber Ltd is the data controller, that is, Roy Taber Ltd collects data directly from the data subject (our clients) or via our appointed agents (travel agents).

Roy Taber Ltd’s Data Protection Officer is Suzel Taber-Shaw who may be contacted via telephone on 01274 875199 or via email at

Our Privacy Policy explains:

  •   the different types of personal data we collect
  •   how and why we collect and use your personal data
  •   when we’ll share your data with other organisations, and why we need to
  •   the rights and choices you have when it comes to your personal data

First, it is important to say that we respect your privacy and the personal information you give us is held with care and in utmost security.  

There are several different circumstances under which we will collect and use personal data from you.  These are:

1) When you request a brochure or written information from us

If sending a printed brochure by surface mail we will require your name and address, and if sending a digital brochure, we will require your name and email address.  Where more than one brochure is produced, for example, specific destination or style of holiday (active, adventurous, escorted), then we will also require your specific choice or preference.  We store this information for future marketing purposes, such as sending you brochures or other material about similar products which may be of interest based on the preferences/interests you have expressed, only if you have expressly given us permission to do so.  You can opt out of receiving such communications from us at any time by either sending an email to or telephoning us on 01274 875199. 

2) When you request a quotation from us

In order to provide you with a written quotation for your holiday request we will need to take your name, telephone number and your home address or email address (depending on how you have requested we send the quotation to you) plus specific leisure and activity interests.  We may also require details of any special requirements you may have such as any medical conditions which may necessitate special arrangements being made for you, for example, limited mobility, food allergies/preferences etc. 

3) When you make a reservation with us

Once you make a reservation with us we will require the following information:

  • your full name
  • date of birth
  • gender
  • preferred title i.e. Mr. Ms. Mrs, Dr. Prof.
  • passport details
  • home address
  • email address
  • home and/or mobile telephone number
  • your travel insurance provider, policy number and emergency contact number (it is a requirement that all people travelling with our company have personal travel insurance in place)
  • details of any medical condition which may require special arrangements for you during your holiday, for example, limited mobility
  • any special food requirements you may have for personal or religious purposes such as kosher, vegan, vegetarian, gluten free etc
  • Emergency contact i.e. next of kin (the person we should contact while you are travelling, if there is an emergency, and you are unable to do so)

Although the full name, date of birth, passport details and any special requirements are needed for all passengers, only the Lead Name for the booking needs to supply us with their home address, email address, telephone number/s and emergency contact.

4) When we make reservations with our suppliers/third parties

We will need to pass some, or all, of this information on to our suppliers (transport companies, accommodation providers, activity/excursion providers etc) who are directly involved in delivering your holiday experience and who require this information to fulfil their contractual obligations to us.  Our suppliers use this information solely for the purpose of providing the services we have requested from them, and which you have requested from us, and do not use this information for marketing purposes.

Our activity/excursion providers may require evidence that you have adequate personal travel insurance in place to cover you for taking part in their activity.  In this case they may request to see a copy of your insurance policy, however this information is for visual purposes only and is not stored.

EU data protection rules apply to the European Economic Area (EEA), which includes all EU countries and the non-EU countries of Norway, Iceland and Liechtenstein.  Personal data will not be transferred outside the EEA unless (i) the country to which it is transferred is one which the European Commission considers to provide an adequate level of data protection, (ii) the personal data is transferred to a United States company which has signed up to the Safe Harbour scheme, (iii) we are obliged to provide the personal data to a government/public authority in order to provide your holiday.

5) When you pay for your holiday using a debit or credit card

Roy Taber Limited accept payment by debit or credit card and we ONLY take payment details by telephone or via secure payment link (emailed to you).  Our payment links are securely handled by World Pay and no information you supply is stored in any of our office systems.  If details are taken by telephone, card details are processed immediately, and any written notes securely destroyed.  NB. This means that although you may have provided us with card details in order to process your deposit payment, these card details are not retained, and it will be necessary for you to contact us once again in order for us to process your balance payment. 

6) When you request to receive a copy of our online newsletter or special offer e-shots

In order to email you a copy of our regular newsletter we will need your name and email address and possibly your preferred departure airport.  This way we ensure our e-shots are relevant to you.  All our e-shots and newletters have an Unsubscribe button which will automatically remove your details from our email database should you so wish.  Alternatively, you can opt out of receiving such communications from us at any time by either sending an email to or telephoning us on 01274 875199.  Please note, we do not automatically ‘opt in’ any of our clients’ personal data to any of our marketing systems.

7) When you visit our website (

We use cookies and similar technologies on our website to improve your customer experience.  For further information on our cookie policy please click here.

In certain places, where we feel it is appropriate and relevant, our website contains links to third-party websites.  Roy Taber Limited is not responsible for the privacy practices of the companies responsible for these websites or, indeed, the content of these websites.

Your rights regarding your personal data

You have the right to request access to the data we hold about you at any time.  This may be to rectify any errors in the information we hold about you, or to ask us to erase some or all of the information we hold about you.  This information will be provided to you within one month of the date you request it from us.  Requests can either be submitted in writing to the following address:  Roy Taber Ltd, Tofts House, Tofts Road, CLECKHEATON, West Yorkshire, BD19 3BB (please mark your letter for the attention of Suzel Taber-Shaw), or by email to

If you have previously opted-in to receiving our digital newsletter and information/special offer e-shots, but no longer wish to receive them, you can either use the Unsubscribe link which appears in each communication or alternatively email Suzel at and ask to be removed.

Our privacy policy is regularly reviewed and updated.