Hugging a tree
Jo showing her appreciation with a bit of tree hugging

Here at Scandinavia Only, we each have favourite places to stay. Whilst my list is pretty much endless, Treehotel in Swedish Lapland is up there – literally at the ‘top of the tree’! During October I visited this wonderful place and I would happily return, time and time again.

As a child I was a serial den builder, and I know I’m not alone. Whilst I often craved a tree house of my very own to escape to, I generally settled for a bed sheet draped over Mum’s clothes horse. Not quite the same thing I think you’ll  agree! Well – I have arrived – dream realised (for the night at least!).

Treehotel in Swedish Lapland – an amazing feat of engineering

Birds Nest tree room at Treehotel in Swedish Lapland
Birds Nest
Mirrorcube tree room at Treehotel in Swedish Lapland
UFO room at Treehotel in Swedish Lapland
Britta's Guesthouse at Harads in Swedish Lapland
Britta’s Pensjonat

I am a sucker for a feat of engineering – ever in awe at the ability to create such mind-blowing structures. The limitations of small hands overcome by large imaginations. Imaginations like those of local couple, Britta and Kent, whose dreams were realised with the help of several international architects.

Britta and Kent live in the little village of Harads, just over an hour’s drive from Luleå Airport. Here they created ‘Treehotel’ with seven amazing Tree rooms, each with its own unique design. Blue Cone (actually red!), Mirrorcube, UFO, Birds Nest, Cabin, Dragonfly and the newest addition, 7th Room. This last one designed by famed architects Snøhetta and where I was lucky enough to spend the night! Each tree room has a WC and washbasin. Dragonfly and 7th room also have a shower. The nearby Tree Sauna provides a welcome opportunity to warm up and relax after your day’s activities.

Settling in at Treehotel and taking a trip back in time at Britta’s Pensjonat

Upon arrival you check-in at the quaint and homely guesthouse – Britta’s Pensjonat. This quirky little guesthouse transports you back to simpler times and you feel the pace of life slow just walking through the door. Here you also enjoy breakfast and dinner in their small and cosy restaurant. Wake up to the smell of fresh, home-baked bread and savour seasonal, Swedish delicacies from the ‘Northern Pantry’ including wild game and hand-picked berries.

Most guests spend one to three nights at Treehotel and include a night or two at Britta’s. Guests may combine their stay at Treehotel with a stay in the picturesque town of Luleå which directly overlooks the archipelago.  It is also possible to spend a few nights at Treehotel before travelling on to other destinations in Swedish Lapland. There are so many options and its worth having a chat so I can tailor the perfect holiday for you!

When to visit Treehotel in Swedish Lapland

If you choose to visit during the winter months then a snow covered wonderland awaits. Dark nights allow the Northern Lights to put on their ethereal show and days can be filled with exciting activities. Dog-sledding, snowmobiling and snowshoeing are hugely popular in these parts. You can also visit a local Sami family to learn more about the indigenous people who still herd their reindeer in this Arctic region. However, it’s also fine to simply relax and do very little, spending time with loved ones, absorbing the silence and nature.

A visit during the summer months showcases vast pine forests, synonymous with Swedish Lapland. Shimmering lakes and fast-flowing rivers are perfect for kayaking, rafting, swimming and fishing and are accessible by foot, cycle or horseback.

Whatever time you choose to visit, Treehotel is waiting to tap into your inner child and your sense of adventure 😉

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