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A specialist product from Taber Holidays

A holiday in Finland is full of interesting contrasts waiting to be explored

Over 187,000 lakes and 179,000 islands including 35 National Parks comprise the mostly flat but thickly forested landscape making Finland an ideal holiday destination for nature lovers. Easily arranged activities include lake cruising, hiking and kayaking during the summer, and during the winter husky-sledding and snowmobiling is extremely popular. The Finns also love their saunas and there are over 1.8 million of them in the country. They say that the dream of every Finn is to have a little cottage on one of the islands where they can unwind, go fishing and heat up the sauna!

We have a range of holidays to Finland, some of them very different than others, and to make searching these holidays easier, we have spilt them up into unique themes. Please explore further by clicking below to find your perfect holiday, alternatively, you can view all holidays to Finland at once by clicking here.

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