Swedish island escape

During the Spring of 2018, my colleague Jo and I (Suzel) made arrangements to visit two new products which we were really excited about – a small Swedish countryside boutique hotel called Stilleben, and a separate private island with single, traditional Swedish wooden cottage known simply and collectively as KABIN. This blog provides a short recount of our time on the island.

We picked our hire car up at Stockholm Airport and followed the detailed directions we had been given for the 2.5-hour drive northwards to a small, secluded harbour hiding on the edge of the forest overlooking a vast lake, dotted with islands. Here we met up with one of the owners of KABIN, who waited while we gathered together a few essentials into an overnight bag before taking us on the short motorboat transfer, effortlessly gliding over silent still waters, to our very own island. During the journey Jeroen explained that a stay at KABIN is all about relaxation and seclusion and escaping from the outside world to a place where mind and body are free from unnecessary interference and interruption. On arrival he provided us with a guided tour of the cottage, which features two bedrooms, a kitchen, shower room and cosy living room with large open fire. He explained that although the island and accommodation are low-impact, using minimal water and electricity and offering a very sustainable product, this does not mean they are any less comfortable. He informed us that in the simple kitchen we would find a fridge stocked with measured ingredients and instructions for the self-preparation of our healthy, vegetarian meals, and in the bathroom we would find a selection of 100% Eco-friendly, organic, delicious smelling products. He then left us, standing on the verandah, in blazing sunshine, surveying our kingdom.

KABIN, Swedish escape

A quick change into our cozzies was the first job in hand! There were two sun-loungers on the verandah and for the first hour we just sunbathed, read and talked. Jo then said ‘Come on, time to explore’ so we set off into the dense population of trees surrounding the cottage, before being inevitably drawn by glimpses of glistening water to the lakeside. Searching for the perfect spot, we eventually found a large granite rock which had spent the full day absorbing the sun’s rays and had a perfect vantage spot directly over the water; here we spread our towels and sat on the rock’s edge, dangling our feet in the water. With the sun still blazing down we just sat and talked some more, before Jo, on impulse, suddenly launched herself into the lake in order to cool off and enjoy a spot of wild swimming! This turned out to be a really great idea and together we spent the next hour floating, swimming, talking and laughing, and generally enjoying one another’s company in rather unique surroundings and circumstances.

Returning to the cottage we first took advantage of those gorgeous bathroom products before cooking our delicious evening meal and eating outside while the sun slowly went down. Retreating to the cottage’s cosy living room we lit candles and the open-fire and, wrapped in cosy blankets, we read and talked some more and then slept like babies.

I could continue talking all day about how wonderful this island retreat is, but I think my short video captures the experience better!

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