Driving in Norway is an experience most people never forget. There’s no lack of stunning roads and the scenery along them are quite often breathtaking so we’ve put together this list to highlight the best.

Whilst being spectacular, some of the roads can also be equally hair-raising with sharp bends, narrow roads and dizzying heights. These are some of the most beautiful and memorable roads in Norway:

Atlantic Road

Atlantic Road in Norway

The Atlantic Road with its ironic zig-zag appearance runs across Møre og Romsdal county, connecting an archipelago of small islands and skerries with the help of several bridges. Driving aross this stunning road brings you closer to the ocean than ever – this can be particularly felt during a storm whilst the waves crash up against the road with cinematic force.

Geiranger – Trollstigen

Trollstigen Road

Geirangerfjord is one of Norway’s most famous fjords – and a UNESCO World Heritage site. But it’s not just the fjord that’s worth your time: the whole route along Trollstigen is filled with incredible scenery and view points famed for this innovative and modern architecture. Τhe viewing points of Ørnesvingen, Gudbrandsjuvet gorge and Flydalsjuvet gorge provide the perfect spot for you to take in the magnificence of the vistas and snap as many photos as possible.

The highlight of this drive is Trollstigen, pictured in the above photo, which consists of 11 ‘hairpin’ bends that, if you’re not a very experienced driver (with quite a small car) can feel extremely precaricious!

Lysevegen Road

Lysevegen Road, Lysebotn

The popular tourist road Lysevegen in Forsand in Ryfylke is a curvy mountainous road going from Lysebotn innermost in the Lysefjord to Sirdal, with a length of 29 km. For the first 22 km of this mountainous road you will enjoy long sweeping bends, but it’s the last section of the road that will really challenge even the most experienced of drivers. Along with stunning views, it features no less than 27 hairpin bends in a row, so brace yourself!

Route 55: Lom – Sogndal

Jotunheimen Mountain, Norway

Considered one of the most picturesque driving routes in Norway, Route 55 has several attractions, many of which can be found between Lom and Sogndal.

Norway's greatest driving routes

Along this route you will pass the magnificent Norway’s highest mountain crossing – Sognefjell – amid Jotunehimen’s wonderful peaks and the serpentine road down to Sognefjord – king of Norway’s fjords – mighty and beautiful. Pictured above is Jo, our very own Operations Manager, taking in the scenery as she pulls over to explore the Jotunenhimen mountains!

Lofoten National Tourist Route

Driving in the Lofoten Islands

You’re probably not surprised to find the Lofoten islands on any list that has the word ‘scenic’ in the title. Fishing villages, white sandy beaches and jagged mountains await you along this scenic route and the possibilities are endless.


Senja, Driving holiday in Norway

Senja, Norway’s second largest island, is filled with gorgeous viewpoints, spectacular hikes, and charming villages. The island is 102 kilometers long and travels between Gryllefjord and Botnhamn, with detours to the small settlements of Mefjordvær and Husøy.

Now explore Norway yourself by car

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