“A company is only as good as the people it employs”

Friendly, knowledgeable and passionate about Scandinavia, our team offer a personable service to ensure your holiday runs smoothly from start to finish. With over 45 years’ experience of operating travel to Scandinavia you can be sure we will be able to offer you in-depth advice and preparation to suit your needs.

Suzel Taber-ShawSuzel is the MD and has worked for the company, in one way or another, pretty much all her life. She loves all the Nordic countries but it is fair to say that her first love must be Norway as this is where it all began when she was a young child. In 2009 Suzel was awarded Norway Ambassador of the Year by Innovation Norway, an award she is extremely proud of. Suzel loves dogs and does much of her ‘managerial thinking’ whilst walking and talking to hers – she says these are some of the most productive meetings she has!

Terry ShawTerry has worked at Scandinavia Only for over 28 years and, though his knowledge of all our destinations is excellent, his chief speciality is Iceland, a country he absolutely loves. There is nothing Terry likes better than a juicy tailor-made itinerary for Iceland and his obvious enthusiasm for all things Icelandic is infectious! Terry handles reservations to all destinations and works on the development of our Iceland tour programme.

Jo with huskyJo has worked for the company for over 25 years and has incredible knowledge of public transport timetables and motoring routes. She is responsible for reservations, travel itineraries, airline tickets, travel documents and also ensures our IT booking system behaves itself and does as it’s told! Suzel and Jo meet each day to discuss new systems and products whilst walking with George and Ralph – their dogs. It’s amazing how much is achieved during a walk in the fresh air!

Enjoying TromsoA degree in creative writing and literature made Shing the perfect choice for researching and writing the content for our brochures and website. Shing loves to travel, and does so in abundance. She is a culture vulture, always heading to where the museums are; her aim is to rebuff the notion that museums are boring! Her camera is always poised and there is little she won’t do for the perfect shot… just ask Suzel.

Margaret ScowenMargaret successfully ran her own Scandinavian travel company for over 30 years and her knowledge of the destinations is excellent. Rather than retire, Margaret chose to concentrate solely on product research and development and tailor made itineraries and now works as a freelance consultant for Scandinavia Only. Suzel is very happy about this as they have been colleagues and friends for over 28 years and make a formidable team!

Rachel TaberRachel spent her first working decade as a marketing PA in Athens before moving into the travel industry. She’s seen both sides of the industry coin working in the UK and abroad in hotels as well as in tour operating – the latter including 16 years with Scandinavia Only. Rachel’s the arty one who’s good with detail and divides her time between product R&D (particularly Cities), website/brochure content and company contracts. Her personal passion is for Mid Century design (including all that wonderful Scandinavian stuff!) and she’s an avid collector of 1950s/60s textiles.

Ruth PeadonRuth first joined Scandinavia Only as an intern, a role she secured after collaring Suzel at a presentation she was doing at Leeds Beckett University – and not taking no for an answer!  Ruth was studying International Tourism Management and it was her enthusiastic, spirited and forthright approach which secured her the role. Like many entering the industry today, Ruth has travelled quite a bit and loves experiencing lots of different things. Her incredible memory has proved invaluable to Suzel and Jo (they only need to show her things once), however her habit of suddenly bursting into song is less enthusiastically received!


The Taber dogs

George and Ralph are our office dogs. In many respects they are our therapy dogs as walking them gets us out of the office and into the fresh air, taking us away from our desks for a break when otherwise we may forget to do so. There’s nothing like a persistent scraping paw serving as a reminder that it’s time for a ‘garden break’. Suzel and Jo have their daily meeting whilst walking with the dogs, and these are genuinely some of the most productive meetings they have!