Sweden / Unique Accommodation Holidays

Are you looking to add a completely different dimension to your holiday other than the destination itself?

We put our heads together and thought how exciting it would be to create a range of holidays where you can wake up and go to bed somewhere completely unique. So with this in mind, we went scouring across Sweden for the most unique forms of accommodation - and we can’t believe what we found - hotels made from ice, tree houses big enough to fit a whole family, and traditional Sami lavvus for a fun night of glamping. For more information and choices please click on one of the holiday below:

Sweden's West Coast & Gothenburg 6 Nights: 4 x Klädesholmen, 2 x Gothenburg

Prices From: £1190

Destinations: Sweden

Seasons: Summer

Activities: Walking/Hiking

Types: Fly-Drive Holidays, Unique Accommodation Holidays

Crossing Borders: The ICEHOTEL to Tromsø 5 Nights: 2 x ICEHOTEL (1+1), 1 x Narvik, 2 x Tromsø

Prices From: £1470

Destinations: Norway, Sweden

Seasons: Winter

Activities: Dog Sledding

Types: Local Transport Holidays, Short Break Holidays, Unique Accommodation Holidays

Stockholm to Arctic Sweden on the Polar Express 7 Nights: 3 x Stockholm, 1 x On-board Train, 3 x Brändöskär
Loggers Lodge and the Treehotel 4 Nights: 2 x Loggers Lodge, 2 x Treehotel
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