Sweden / Local Culture Holidays

These holidays bring you that little bit closer to all those things that make Sweden Swedish, including Abba, Wallander, the Vasa Museum, Alfred Nobel and fika!

You will visit places that help define where you are: from local wildlife and stunning countryside landscapes to urban dwelling and contemporary art museums. You will have a fascinating time on any of these holidays to Sweden because they offer just the right balance of relaxation and being on the go.

Scandinavian City Explorer with Mini-Cruise 10 Nights: 3 x Stockholm, 2 x Copenhagen, 1 x Onboard Ship, 2 x Oslo, 2 x Bergen
A Slice of South Sweden 8 Nights: 2 x Malmö, 3 x Kalmar, 3 x Stockholm
A Taste of Skåne, Sweden's Sunshine County 9 Nights: 3 x Malmø (Countryside), 2 x Helsingborg, 2 x Hørsholm, 2 x Copenhagen

Prices From: £2075

Destinations: Denmark, Sweden

Seasons: Summer

Types: Fly-Drive Holidays, Local Culture Holidays, Culinary Holidays

Loggers Lodge and the Treehotel 4 Nights: 2 x Loggers Lodge, 2 x Treehotel
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