The Arctic region encompasses a vast area of unspoilt tundra north of the Arctic Circle. Rich in history and native culture, this is a stunningly beautiful region home to an abundance of wildlife.

Experience Arctic wilderness, where you can bask under the Midnight Sun during summer, and chase the ethereal Northern Lights in winter. Discover what life is like this far North, with a large area traditionally inhabited by the Sami people who have tended their reindeer here for thousands of years.

Enjoy a wide variety of activities which include the opportunity to explore the nature and culture of this wild and beautiful region. See our wide range of holidays to the Arctic by clicking on our unique themes below:

Short Break Holidays Not everyone has the time to take two weeks away from home or work, so these short break holidays to Lapland are the perfect solution.
Active Holidays You don't have to be super fit for our active holidays to the Arctic, all we request is a sense of adventure and a love for the outdoors!
Local Transport Holidays These holidays using public transport to and in Lapland are perfect for travellers who like to do things at their own pace.
Escorted Holidays All our featured escorted tours to Lapland have been chosen specifically for their content, standard of accommodation and service, but more importantly, because they offer what we consider to be a leisurely yet exhilarating experience!
Unique Accommodation Holidays Are you looking to add a completely different dimension to your holiday other than the destination itself?
Northern Lights Holidays A Northern Lights holiday increases your chances of seeing the world's most celestial display!