Swedish Lapland, Brandon Lodge

New Year in Swedish Lapland

4 Nights x Brändön Lodge

Snow-laden forests, a frozen archipelago, exciting outdoor activities and champagne chilled by a hole in the ice! Your very own magical winter wonderland.

A full range of impressive outdoor activities is INCLUDED so anticipate racing across the snow with husky dogs, speeding across on a snowmobile and laughing as you try to walk across on snowshoes.

Located on an Island on the coast of Swedish Lapland, Brändön Lodge overlooks the frozen sea and islands of the Luleå archipelago. The main building is a log cabin (pictured) which houses their restaurant, lounge and relax area. Surrounding the log cabin are 15 cabins which all face towards the frozen sea. Each cabin includes two bedrooms (with two single beds in each room), a bathroom, a lounge room/kitchen and a front facing covered porch.

This delightful snowbound wilderness retreat in Swedish Lapland is the perfect location from which to welcome in the New Year.

Prices from: £2425

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29 Dec 2018 - Arrive Swedish Lapland

Day 1 - New Year in Swedish Lapland, Arrival day 

Morning departure from Manchester Airport for your flight to Luleå (via Stockholm). For flight schedules see Info+ tab.

Met on arrival at Luleå Airport for your 60-minute guided transfer to Brändön Lodge situated on the coastal edge of the Luleå Archipelago. Your driver guide will welcome you to Swedish Lapland and provide you with a short introduction to the region you are visiting and an insight into local life.

On arrival at the lodge you will be given warm winter clothing to use for the duration of your holiday. After settling in to your cabin a delicious 3-course buffet dinner is served in the lodge’s main building.

4 nights BRÄNDON LODGE - Cabin accommodation

30 Dec 2018 - Nordic Winter Skills & Sami Tent Lunch

Day 2 - New Year in Swedish Lapland, Nordic Winter Skills

Strap on your snowshoes for a guided 3-hour journey into the nearby forests. You will learn how use snowshoes, how to make a fire in the snow, how to make tea and coffee over your open fire and also learn about the forest and wildlife of Sweden’s most northern region. At lunchtime you relax in a traditional Sami tent and enjoy making a typical outdoor wilderness lunch. Relax on reindeer hides around the open fire before returning to the lodge. Buffet dinner at the lodge during the evening.

31 Dec 2018 - Snowmobile Forest Tour & New Year Celebrations

Day 3 + New Year in Swedish Lapland, Snowmobile Forest Tour

First of all you will be taught how to drive a snowmobile; there will be two people per snowmobile with the opportunity to swap around during the trip. Snowmobile safaris are the easiest way to travel over frozen land and sea and for your trip you will drive through snowcovered forests with wonderful views, surrounded by tranquility. Stops are made along the way and lunch is served at Brändön Lodge upon return. Your evening celebrations begin with a special 4-course dinner in the lodge’s restaurant before walking out onto the magical frozen lake to lift your chilled Champagne from a hole in the ice! See the New Year in with fireworks at midnight.

For further important information regarding Snowmobile Activities, please click here

1 Jan 2019 - Husky Safari & Northern Lights Sled Tour

Day 4 - New Year in Swedish Lapland, Husky sledding

The dogs are waiting and raring to go! Transfer to the local husky ranch to meet your dog team. After getting acquainted with your companions you will be shown how to drive your own dog sled before setting off on a short trip (1 hour) into the snow-covered forest. This is a wonderful experience - for you and the dogs! Return to the lodge for a well-earned lunch. After dinner at the lodge you will sit comfortably in a sled filled with reindeer hides, wrapped in warm blankets, and be pulled by snowmobile into the beautiful frozen archipelago to search for the ethereal Northern Lights.

For further important information regarding dog sledding, please click here.

2 Jan 2019 - Homeward bound

Morning free to relax at the lodge before your transfer to Luleå Airport for your return flight home via Stockholm.


PLEASE NOTE: We, and our suppliers, reserve the right to change the order of activities in order to accommodate changes in Arctic weather conditions

Day Day: Saturday
Departure Date: 29 December 2018
Duration: 4 nights
Prices from: Prices are based on a minimum of 2 adults sharing a 2-bedroom cabin which accommodates a maximum of 4 people. Prices for children or additional adults as detailed.

Departure Date Price from per adult Price from per child (under 12) Price per additional adult (12 and over)
29 December 2018 £2425 £1460 £2165
The deposit for this holiday is £300 per person, including children.    

Price Includes:

  • Scheduled flights with SAS from Manchester Airport to Luleå (via Stockholm) including taxes and 23kgs of checked luggage and one piece of hand-luggage (max 8 kgs) per person. 
  • Guided transfer from Luleå Airport to Brändön Lodge.
  • 4 nights accommodation at Brändön Lodge based on a 2-bedroom cabin with shower and WC and living room/kitchen. 4 x buffet breakfasts, 3 x 3-course buffet dinners, 1 x 4-course New Year’s Eve dinner.
  • Celebration On Ice.
  • Nordic winter skills activity including Sámi tent lunch.
  • 2-hour snowmobile forest tour (2 people per snowmobile) including warm refreshments. 
  • 2-hour dog-sledding tour, one person driving the team, passengers seated, including warm refreshments.
  • Northern Lights sled tour including warm drink.
  • Warm thermal clothing for the duration.

  To book this holiday either telephone us on 01274 875199 (this is our preferred option as it gives us the opportunity to chat with you!) or email your booking request to office@taberhols.co.uk 

TERMS & CONDITIONS: Please read our Terms & Conditions

BRÄNDÖN LODGE (winter) - Brändöskär

Brandon Lodge, Sweden

Located on an Island on the coast of Swedish Lapland is Brändön Lodge, a cabin resort which overlooks the frozen sea and islands of the Luleå archipelago.

The main building is a log cabin that includes the relaxation lounge, bar and restaurant.  Surrounding the log cabin are 15 cabins facing towards the sea. Each cabin is simple in design and includes one bathroom (shower only), two bedrooms with 2 single beds in each room (two of the single beds can be joined together to create a double bed on request), an open plan small living room with kitchen and a front facing covered porch/verandah which has a view over the sea.  The cabins can accommodate up to 5 people if using the sofa bed in the living room.  When meals are included in the holiday package these are taken in the restaurant in the main building.

We know there are lots of questions you will have, especially as this is a New Year holiday!  So here are answers to some of the questions we have anticipated - if you have any others we haven't thought of just give us a quick call on 01274 875199 and we'll add them to the list.

Flight Schedules for this holiday

The following flights have been included in this holiday (please check for updates at time of booking).

From Manchester
0945     Depart Manchester.  SAS flight SK2548.
1305     Arrive Stockholm.  Change flights.
1500     Depart Stockholm.  SAS flight SK12.
1620     Arrive Luleå.

1310     Depart Luleå.  SAS flight SK9.
1430     Arrive Stockholm.  Change flights.
1620     Depart Stockholm.  SAS flight SK2549.
1750     Arrive Manchester.

Who is this holiday suitable for?
Oh, that's easy, it's suitable for friends and families with children from the age of 6 and over, who want to have fun in the snow together and enjoy some exciting outdoor activities.  This holiday is all about spending time together, therefore there are no kiddie clubs or separate eating times though consideration has been taken to ensure children do not overtire and enjoy the holiday as much as adult members of their family.  

Where do the kids sit for the snowmobile and dog sledding activities?
For the snowmobile trip each child will be a passenger and sit on the back of an adult's snowmobile. For young children the guide may attach a sleigh to the back of his snowmobile and the children sit inside wrapped in blankets and sitting on reindeer skins - they love it! This means that adults will each drive a snowmobile unless they do not have a driving licence, in which case they will travel as a passenger sitting behind the driver.

For the dog-sledding trip again each child will travel as a passenger but will also have the opportunity to try mushing the dog team with one of the adults. Passengers sit inside the dog sled but do have the opportunity to switch with the musher - everyone gets to try everything!  It is important to remember that the guides are very experienced at working with families (they have their own) and will choose the routes most suited towards children, that is the terrain will be lovely but not too challenging for novice riders/mushers.

What sort of clothing will we need?
We would strongly recommend the layering principal (base, mid, outer) with man-made thermal fibres or wool. In our opinion wool is definitely best, and merino wool is soft and cosy and certainly a good investment. A good, waterproof outdoor jacket is essential, and also over trousers are a bonus if you have them. Wool socks (we wouldn't wear anything else here), perhaps a couple of pairs, and good hiking boots or snow boots are very important. Gloves, scarf, hat and you're raring to go! For the duration of this holiday you will be provided with any additional items you may need such as thermal overalls, boots, hat etc to ensure you are warm and cosy during extended periods outdoors and certainly during the dog-sledding and snowmobiling activities.  Remember cotton is not a good insulator and therefore is no good for any layer that is intended to provide warmth for examply jeans are no good at all in cold, potentially wet, conditions.  The organisers and guides are all parents/uncles/aunts and are used to taking care of young children in a cold climate; they will ensure the process is fun for your kids but that ultimately they are kept warm and cosy.

Are special diets catered for?
Absolutely.  Just let us know at the time of booking in order that we may ensure delicious alternatives are provided where necessary.  Food will generally be locally sourced, quality, fresh meat or fish with vegetables, prepared by one of the friendliest chefs on the planet, and with vitamins and minerals intact! Expect nothing less, if you know what we mean...

Maddie, aged 9

In Sweden we did lots of fun things. We built a fire, ate deer and drank lingonberry juice. I rode a snowmobile on the frozen sea and mum spun around because she couldn’t ride it properly which was funny. I got to drive the dog sled and lost my hat, it was fast and mum fell off which made me laugh. I got to hold a really cute puppy. I went ice-fishing and caught two fish which was better than my mum and dad then we went on a hovercraft to an island and had dinner over a nice warm fire. Our guide was called Roger and he was very kind and nice even though he had a beard and I don’t like beards. It was brilliant! Maddie aged 9 years.

Glen Waugh

A great trip; ice fishing in the Swedish archipelago, snowmobiling across a frozen sea, husky dog sledding through the magnificent Swedish landscape and all with expert tuition providing safe but exhilarating experiences. Survival skills were brought to life by our survival expert and mountain guide Roger (the real Bear Grylls!). This was a holiday with a difference and an experience that has provided life long memories for our whole family. Highly recommended!

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