Neighbourhood guide to Copenhagen, Denmark

When planning a trip to a new city, one of the hardest things can be choosing where to stay. It’s important to do your research, because just like people, each neighbourhood has its own personality so it’s all about trying to find the one that suits you best.

Copenhagen is multifacated, with a range of areas to visit depending on your mood or the things you like to do and see. When you’re only in the city for a few days, optimising your time is essential, especially with a city like Copenhagen where there are so many fantastic attractions to enjoy.

As one of the Scandinavian cities that we love the most at Scandinavia Only, we’ve put together this area guide to help you plan any trip to Denmark’s capital city.

Indre By

Best for: its harbour lined with colourful townhouses


It’s probably the most touristy neighbourhood in Copenhagen, but for good reason. Indre By is home to Nyhavn’s townhouses, with their distinctive colourful façades, so beautiful they look like something from the illustrated pages of a children’s book. Adding to the atmosphere are the historic tall ships lining the harbour which create a maritime feel. Nyhavn was also home to the beloved Danish writer Hans Christian Andersen for approximately 20 years; it’s said that from his window at Nyhavn 18, he would gaze out onto the harbour to enjoy the views of the nearby King’s New Square. As it contains one of the main attractions in Copenhagen, prices are a little higher and it can get very busy in Nyhavn, so we suggest stopping for a coffee to admire the waterfront, and heading to somewhere more local for food like our next neighbourhood in the list… However, we suggest staying in Indre By if you want to be next to all the city’s big attractions.


Best for: cool vibes and foodie hot spots

Copenhagen, Vesterbro, Meatingpacking District
© Martin Heiberg / Visit Copenhagen

Vesterbro is home to some of Copenhagen’s newest restaurants, bars, shops and galleries, turning the district into one of the hot spots for the hip and trendy. Though, it wasn’t always this cool and sought after – for a long time, it was known as the sketchy part of town but recent renovations have completely transformed the face of Vesterbo. The most dramatic change to the area has been the Meatpacking District which followed in the footsteps of Manhattan’s own Meatpacking District, which turned former slaughterhouses into organic restaurants, bars, independent shops and art studios. In the summer people line the street to socialise over drinks and a bite to eat in this trendy part of town.


Best for: elegant buildings and leafy parks

Frederiksberg Gardens, Copenhagen
© Daniel Rasmussen / Visit Copenhagen

Frederiksberg is its very own municipality, with broad tree-lined boulevards, lush gardens and streets filled with sidewalk cafés and gourmets spots. Nicknamed ‘The Green Village of Copenhagen’, Frederiksberg is known for its broad avenues, big houses and elegant parks. For something fun whether you’re with a friend, partner or the whole family, rent a boat and row along the canal located within the grounds of Frederiksberg Gardens. You will pass Frederiksberg Palace, towering on a hill top, many lovely little bridges, and the Chinese Pavilion that was erected in 1799 as a Royal teahouse. Put this together with lots of great restaurants and a couple of museum,s and you’ll have more than enough good reasons to visit.


Best for: Alternative living

Christianshavn, Copenhagen

No visit to Copenhagen is complete without visiting Christianshavn. This district can be defined by its contrasts and that’s why this area of Copenhagen is so interesting. Two major attractions include Church of Our Savior and the Free Town of Christiania. For a little adventure you can climb the 400 steps up the golden spiral spire of the Church of Our Savior which offers sweeping views of Copenhagen, then afterwards cross the road into a 34-hectare patch of land home to a commune-style alternative society formed in 1971. Christiania’s notorious Pusher Street hash market may be the most famous aspect of the Free Town, but its hand-built homes, artists’ workshops and natural beauty make for a fascinating look at an unconventional way of life.

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