The popular music of Scandinavia

Published on 3rd July 2013 by Suzel in Iceland , Norway , Sweden , Uncategorized

Scandinavia a land full of magic and mystique, a land of fairy tales. Beautiful mountainous landscapes, deep fjords, powerful volcanoes and waterfalls, geysers, forests, clean air and water, snow, sledging, the northern lights, polar bears, icebergs, coffee shops, museums and culture. The list is endless!

Now reading this huge list of its attributes, you d think it was difficult to find anything else that was good about it wouldn't you? Well, you'd be wrong, because Scandinavia's music scene is pretty darn good too!

I think the first mention, a group that everyone has heard of, is Abba. Easily one of the most important and defining bands in pop music, whether you like them or not, Abba left a huge mark on modern day popular music. Combining a mixture of pop, disco and glam rock, Abba brought euro pop mainstream. Tall, fair and good-looking, Abba were and still are Sweden personified! Super Trouper.

Who can think of hits of the 80 s, without humming along to the lines of Norwegian band A-ha s Take on me , or singing along to the ridiculously cheesy lines of Swedish band Europe's The Final Countdown . Both songs played a huge part in the synth invasion of popular music in the 1980's, and who could forget that hair?!

At Taber Holidays, Iceland tops the charts of our favourites when it comes to music. Just as Iceland is a relatively new country, the music it produces sounds new and fresh, with a primary focus on experimentation. And if there's one artist who epitomises and defines Icelandic music, you d be hard pushed to find anyone else other than Bjork! Eclectic, kooky and surreal, Bjork combines a multitude of genres into her music, whether it's rock, jazz, dance, classical or folk, she's done it all.

Sigur Ros have also come into prominence as important figures of experimental music hailing from Iceland. Beautifully ambient music, combining elements of post-rock, classical and electronic, their songs are filled with layers upon layers of different textures and sounds, all held together by Jonsi's (the lead singers) dream like falsetto vocals.

With landscapes as beautiful as Norway, you would be mistaken in thinking the Norwegians would produce music to match. Very mistaken! Norway is often regarded as the home of Black Metal. Black metal is basically heavy metal music times 10! Intense, fast, highly distorted, shrieked and very rhythm based. Bands such as Dimmu Borgir and Mayhem define the Norwegian metal scene.

Obviously we have only lightly touched upon the surface of Scandinavian music. There's a whole host of other great music out there, whether its folk, classical, jazz, electronic, rock or pop, Scandinavia has it all!

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