Suzel visits Swedish Lapland

Published on 12th February 2011 by Suzel in Copenhagen , General , Sweden , Uncategorized


I (Suzel) recently visited northern Sweden to visit Luleå and Harads (home to the new and already famous Treehotel). The trip was organised by Visit Luleå, Visit Sweden and SAS and was a great success. During the trip our group of tour operators and press had the opportunity to try out dog sledding, snowmobiling, rally car driving on ice, go-carting on ice and, the highlight for most of us, a short trip on an icebreaker with a quick swim in the freezing sea from an ice floe.

Yes, that's me in my prawn suit!

The Treehotel was even more amazing up close than it appears in photos! This really is a unique project and, for someone like me, who actually likes to be warm and cosy at night, it would be my choice over some of the colder ice/snow/igloo hotel options. See our holiday Luleå and the Treehotel. I have to be honest, my favourite would be the Bird's Nest as, although it has very small windows and therefore does not offer an immediate view, it is the one that feels most like a treehouse - to me at least.