Local Find: Hötorgshallen Food Market in Stockholm

Published on 31st July 2014 by Shing Yoong in Food Travel Blog

Hotorgshallen food market, Stockholm

When I’m in a new city I love getting caught up in the erupting smells, sounds, and sights of food markets.

I get hungry just thinking about them.

Although the food is the main attraction (everything boils down to food with me), it’s the entire atmosphere of a food market which leaves me utterly seduced by the whole experience.

The stall owners bellowing out the deal of the day, cured meats swinging from ceiling, the smell of coffee lingering in the air - it is a melting pot of food, people and infatuated stomachs that make food markets like Hötorgshallen so appealing to visitors.

These are places where you get to try before you buy, where you can cheekily fill-up on tasters without spending a penny (I am hasten to add that’s not something I personally recommend, but there are people known to do that!). Instead, this is where you should buy gifts for friends and family back home, let them have a taste of where you’ve been and what you've seen.

It’s also a place to mix with the locals, and try authentic specialities such as smoked reindeer, moose salami or pickled herring.

Hotorgshallen food hall in Stockholm

It’s not all meat and fish, Hötorgshallen stands out for its fruit and vegetables, they were the shiniest, plumpest and healthiest looking fruit and veg on the planet, vitamins could almost be seen bouncing off them. They were that good.

 Parsnips, food market

 Hotorgshallen food hall in Stockholm

Food Market Stockholm

If you are what you eat, then the Swedes are healthy and organic, there’s no doubt about it!

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