Happy Christmas to everyone from Taber Holidays!

Published on 21st December 2012 by Shing Yoong in Finland Holidays , Norway , The Northern Lights , Winter Holidays

Yesterday we had our work Christmas party, and one of the topics of conversation was 'What was your best memory of 2012?'

We all came up with different answers but the running theme of our 'best bits of 2012' included several tours to Scandinavia, and here they are!


If Jo could have any Christmas present it would be this little fella from Tromsø. She went earlier this year and for weeks afterwards all she did was pine after him like a love sick puppy! If she's lucky we might send her back in 2013 ;-)


Boys and their toys come to mind when looking at this photograph! Terry thinks he's like the Michael Schumacher of the snowmobiling world, and although the rest of Taber Holidays aren't quite so sure about this claim, we'll admit that Terry is pretty good!


Shing went on her first familiarisation trip with Taber Holidays this year, and although it was difficult for her to single out her favourite moment, she finally said that kayaking in the Geirangerford was her crème de la crème of 2012!

Nellim, Finland, photo, wnter

And finally, the winter wonderland of Finland stood out for Suzel - she took this photograph near Nellim, and my, my isn't it beautiful? This trip also saw Suzel trying to make her own fire in the wilderness, herding reindeer, indulging in Finnish saunas and sitting on Santa's lap!

Santa claus, Finland, Christmas

What was your highlight of 2012?