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Who Knew Food in Finland Was This Good?!

Published on 17th June 2014 by Shing Yoong in Food Travel Blog

Warning: Don’t read this article on an empty stomach. In recent years Scandinavia and the Nordic countries have been going through a culinary renaissance, so I wasn’t surprised by how good the food was in Sweden or Denmark. These two countries have been getting a lot of press recently, especially with restaurants like Noma in Copenhage...

A trip to the ABBA Museum in Stockholm

Published on 4th June 2014 by Shing Yoong

"I remember being at a party with my friends, and we went wild when Dancing Queen came on, purely because we were seventeen and felt like the lyrics had been written especially for us" said Suzel. "Ah, the power of music" I replied. However, I wasn’t exactly sure how the lyrics went so I asked her to give me a rendition. "You know how i...