Scandinavia Only and Taber Holidays are trading names for our company, Roy Taber Limited, and we have been a specialist tour operator since 1973.

It all began with Roy Taber, the founder of our company.  Prior to 1973 he owned a small chain of retail travel agencies in the north of England called Taber Travel. It was during a travel agents' visit to Norway that he spotted the potential for specialist, packaged tourism to Norway for individual travellers. It is fair to say that he fell head over heels in love with Norway, and the Norwegian people. He loved their easygoing, yet organised way of life, and he was bowled over by their magnificent scenery, unspoilt nature and the very friendly, genuine, warm welcome they afforded him. Upon his return to the UK he made the decision to venture into tour operating and the Taber Travel agencies were sold (all apart from one, after all you don't want all your eggs in one basket!) and the capital invested in a small, specialist tourism operation aptly named 'Norway Only'.

'Norway Only' very quickly grew to feature a full range of tours by air and by sea to Scandinavia including Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Iceland and Greenland.  Following this expansion 'Norway Only' evolved to become Taber Holidays and for many years we traded under this name.  However, in January 2017 we made the bold decision to pay homage to our destinations once more and 'Scandinavia Only' was born.  We think Mr. Taber would've been very happy with this decision.

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Meet the team

Suzel is the MD and has worked for the company, in one way or another, pretty much all her life. She loves all the Nordic countries but it is fair to say that her first love must be Norway as this is where it all began when she was just 8 years old. In 2009 Suzel was awarded Norway Ambassador of the Year by Innovation Norway, an award she is extremely proud of. Suzel loves dogs (though it’s a wolf in the photo above) and does much of her ‘managerial thinking’ whilst walking and talking to hers! 

TerryTerry has worked for the company for over 25 years and, although his knowledge of Norway, Sweden and Finland is excellent, his chief speciality is Iceland, a country he absolutely loves! There is nothing Terry likes better than a juicy tailor-made itinerary for Iceland and his obvious enthusiasm for all things Icelandic is infectious! Terry handles reservations to all destinations and is a key contributor to the development of our Iceland tour programme - there isn’t an inch of it he doesn’t know! 

JoJo has worked for the company for over 23 years and has incredible knowledge of public transport timetables and motoring routes. She is responsible for reservations, travel itineraries and travel tickets and also ensures our IT booking system behaves itself and does as it’s told! Suzel and Jo meet each day to discuss new systems and products whilst walking their dogs and in her spare time Jo is studying for her degree in Business Studies and Spanish!

ShingA degree in creative writing and literature made Shing the perfect choice for researching and writing the content for our brochures and website. Shing loves to travel, and does so in abundance. She is a culture vulture, always heading to where the museums are; her aim is to rebuff the notion that museums are boring! Her camera is always poised and there is little she won’t do for the perfect shot... just ask Suzel.



Margaret successfully ran a specialist tour operation called Specialised Tours for over 30 years, and in 2013 Taber Holidays and Specialised Tours merged operations. Margaret wanted more time to concentrate on product research and development and on tailor made itineraries and her exceptional knowledge of Scandinavia made her the perfect person to do this.  Suzel is very happy about having Margaret on board - they have been colleagues and friends for over 25 years and are a formidable team!

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