Trondheim City Guide

The Old Town of Bakklandet

The gorgeous old wooden buildings of Bakklandet fill endless postcards of Trondheim. It really is the main reason why most people add this city to their holiday itinerary. It’s difficult not to adore Bakklandet for its old wooden homes, cosy cafés, and cobbled streets. Trondheim is also a bike-friendly city, so despite the cobbled streets you’ll find special paved sections for cyclists and there’s even a bicycle lift to help cyclists up the steepest hill!

Visit Nidaros Cathedral

Nidaros Cathedral

Nidaros Cathedral dominates Trondheim. It’s impossible to miss due to its enormous size, in fact it’s the largest medieval building in Scandinavia and one of the oldest and largest churches in Norway. We recommend joining a guided tour so you can hear all about the fascinating history of this building dating back almost a thousand years!

Rockheim Museum

If you’re even remotely interested in music you’ll find this museum interesting, especially if you do not have great knowledge of Norwegian pop music throughout the years. You’ll find references to 60s and 70s psych, groove, garage and more that you’ll be sure to recognise. Futhermore, this newly-built contemporary museum also has a variety of interactional displays to keep you and especially any kids entertained.

Visit Trøndelag Folkemuseum

Trondelag Folk Museum© Trøndelag Folkemuseum
© Trøndelag Folkemuseum

Located nearby Trondheim, this Folkemuseum is made up of old houses and buildings from around Trøndelag which gives you an idea of what life in Norway used to be like in the old days. In the summer they often have outdoor concerts and performances so it’s worth planning beforehand. With gorgeous grass-roof buildings and sweeping views of nature, this place offers the perfect city retreat for the day.

Visit the Fish Market

On a Friday visit the fish market at Ravnkloa in the harbour area. It’s open from 10am to 4pm – a very respectable hour compared to the early start of most fish markets which are finished by noon!

Enjoy the Cafe Culture

Trondheim, cafe culture

Spend an afternoon in one of Trondheim’s many cafes – they are everywhere. People are particularly proud of the local coffee shop chain Dromedar, but really in Bakklandet you’re spoilt for choice!

Take the tram up to Lian

For outstanding panoramic views of the city, take the tram up to Lian. You can catch it on St. Olav’s Gate in the city centre. It feels like a little escape from the city, and well as the views, there are some lovely walking routes too.

Take photos from the Old Town Bridge

Things to do in Trondheim, Norway

The Old Town Bridge connects two banks of the river Nidelven, the city center, and Bakklandet. The bridge was built in 1681 as a part of the Cicignons city plan and has become a significant symbol of Trondheim. The original wooden construction of the bridge was replaced with a solid concrete construction. The bridge is nicknamed the Portal of Happiness, which was taken from the lyrics of Oskar Hoddø’s waltz. Nowadays, the bridge attracts many photographers due to its prime location overlooking the city’s colourful wharf buildings.

Visit Stiftsgården during the summer

Stiftsgården, a palace situated along Munkegaten road and is only open during the summer. It is the largest wooden structure in the Nordic region, with 140 rooms which spread across approximately 4,000m². This palace is constructed in a baroque style and features many neoclassicism elements. From the curtains to the tableware and the beautiful carpet, the venue exudes an understated elegance in every detail.

Get musical at Ringve Museum

Ringve Museum in Trondheim - music

Ringve Museum is Norway’s national museum for music and musical instruments, with collections from all over the world. Interestingly, many of the guides are also accomplished musicians who will recite pieces and show you how some of the most unique instruments in the museum work and sound. A visit here, set inside a beautiful Norwegian manor home, is an experience that often ranks along with Bakklandet as the best thing to see and do in Trondheim.

Have the award-winning breakfast at the Scandic Nidelven

Make sure to set your alarm clock – the breakfast at Scandic Nidelven is one that you don’t want to miss out on. It has been awarded Norway’s best hotel breakfast 11 years in a row! The restaurant has 30 full-time chefs, several of which show off their juice pressing, pancake making, egg squirling and fish filetting skills live on display. There are two coffee bars and a small patisserie. Even with the map it is hard to keep an overview. Luckily there are waiters coming through with fresh juices, chocolate bits and muffins – all the little things you might have missed at the buffet. No wonder it’s crowned the best breakfast in Norway!

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